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Old Cornish

Name Date Type Word count Done?
Old Cornish


Name Date Type Word count Done?
Vocabularium Cornicum ~1100 Latin-Cornish glossary


Name Date Type Word count Done?
Charter Fragment (CF) ~1400 Poem
Pascon agan Arluth (PA) ~1400 Play
Ordinalia: Origo Mundi (OM) ~1450 Play
Ordinalia: Passio Christi (PC) ~1450 Play
Ordinalia: Resurrectio Domini (RD) ~1450 Play


Name Date Type Word count Done?
Beunans Meriasek (BM) 1504 Play
The fyrst boke of the introduction of knowledge (Andrew Boorde) ~1542 Collection
Bewnans Ke (BK) ~1550 Play
Tregear Homilies (TH) 1558
The Image of Idleness (Oliver Oldwanton) ~1565-70 Line 11 Yes
Gwreans an Bys (CW) ~1570, MS dated 1611 Play


Name Date Type Word count Done?
The Survey of Cornwall (Richard Carew) 1602 Collection
An Dek Aradow (Anonymous) 1612
Banns (Thomas Drake) ~1582-1635 Poem 33 Yes
The Northern Lasse (Richard Brome) 1632 Line 6 Yes
Why Ladar Gweader ~1635 Poem 27 Yes
Civil War Diary (Richard Symonds) 1644 Vocabulary and numbers 56 Yes
A Battledore for Teachers and Professors to Learn Singular and Plural (George Fox) 1660 Vocabulary 49 Yes
Jooan Chei an Horr (Nicholas Boson) 1667 Prose 478 Yes
The Duchess of Cornwall’s Progress (Nicholas Boson) ~1675 Incomplete prose
A Few Words about Cornish (Nicholas Boson) ~1680 Translation from English, prose 1,217 Yes
An Deeg Lavarow a Deew (William Rowe) ~1690 Translation from English
Genesis III (William Rowe) ~1690 Translation from English
Matthew II (William Rowe) ~1690 Translation from English
Matthew IV (William Rowe) ~1690 Translation from English
Menja Tiz Kernuak buz gasowas (John Tonkin) ~1695 Poem 355 Yes
Ni venja pea (John Tonkin) ~1695 Poem 184 Yes
Delkiow Seve (Edward Chirgwin) 1698
Ha me a moaz (Capt. Noel Carter) 1698
Extract from Gwreans an Bys (John Keigwin) 1698
Australian notebook (Henry Thomas) unknown
Proanter nei en Pleu Est


Name Date Type Word count Done?
Cousow do ve che dean mor ferre (John Jenkins) 1700
Ma leeas gwreag (John Jenkins) 1700
Geirlyfr Kyrnweig (Edward Lhuyd)
Na reugh eva re (William Allen) 1704 Rhyme 19 Yes
Kensa blethan, byrla a’baye (William Allen) 1705 Rhyme (disputed origin) 24 Yes
Me a pew an deau enouz (James Harry) ~1705 Rhyme 31 Yes
An pelle arrance ma (Nicholas Boson) 1705
Ol poble eze war an oare a treegaz (Thomas Boson?) 1705
An Pader (Thomas Boson) 1710
An Deag Laver Deu by Thomas Boson (Thomas Boson) 1710
An Credian by Thomas Boson (Thomas Boson) 1710
King Charles I’s Letter (John Keigwin) 1707 Translation from English
An lavar goth (Edward Lhuyd) 1700 Recorded rhyme 21 Yes
Pilchard Rhyme (John Boson) 1705
Memorial to Capt. Stephen Hutchens (John Boson/Gwavas) 1709 Non-native epitaph 14 Yes
Kymero ‘wyth goz lavrak pouz (John Boson) 1709
Letter to William Gwavas with Lord's prayer (John Boson) 25 December 1709
Letter to John Boson (William Gwavas) ~March/April 1710 Non-native writing 80 Yes
Reply to William Gwavas (John Boson) 5 April 1710 Non-native writing 148 Yes
Letter to America (William Gwavas) 1710
Newlyn letter and Psalm 100 (Unknown) ?
An Deag Laver Deu by William Gwavas (William Gwavas) unknown
Poem about Marazion Bowling-Green and Club (William Gwavas) unknown Poem 36 Yes
Jenkins epitaph (John Boson) 1711
Letter to William Gwavas (John Boson) 17 February 1712
Verse at Keigwin’s death (John Boson) 1716 Verse 26 Yes
Pader an Arleth (John Boson) 1720
A Dêg Gwra Deiu (John Boson) 1720
An Credian by John Boson (John Boson) 1720
Genesis I (John Boson) 1720
Advice to a neighbour (John Boson) 1720
Letter to Oliver Pender (William Gwavas) 1711
Verse to Nicholas Pentreath (William Gwavas) 1724
Letter about pilchards (Oliver Pender) 22 August 1711
Letter about Edward Lhuyd (Oliver Pender) 1711 Letter 18 Yes
Bodinar's letter (William Bodinar) 3 July 1776
To Dolly Pentreath (Thompson) 1777 Rhyme 25 Yes
Archaeologia Cornu-Britannica (William Pryce, ed.) 1790 Collection 2,515
Idn Metten (Anonymous) Unknown
An Ladymer ay Kernow (William Hals)


Name Date Type Word count Done?
The History of Cornwall (Richard Polwhele) 1816 Collection
The Parochial History of Cornwall (Davies Gilbert) 1838 Collection
Vestiges of the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Tongues (J. H. Nankivell) 1865 Collection
Traditional relics of the Cornish language in Mount's Bay (Henry Jenner) 1875 Collection
Crankan Rhyme (John Davey) 1890 recited 40 yes


Name Date Type Word count Done?
R. J. Noall ~ early 20th c. recited
Nance collection

Various dates